KAISインターナショナルスクールは個人を中心とした学習環境や学校コミュニティーを作る事を 心がけています。私達は生徒達が日々学問的、身体的、社会的、想像的基礎にたって創造する事を願っており、こうした創造こそが学術的、個人的な成長の基礎 となると信じております。この哲学を実践するために、KAISでは生徒達は優秀な教師陣のもとで学習環境の調節や科目の選択、学習ペースの設定、そして複数の学期にまたがるプロジェクトを受け持つことを通して生徒それぞれに合った環境やカリキュラムを作り、各人が自分の学問に対する責任を持つようにしています。



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KAIS Highlights

Robotics club at ASIJ VEX competition

Posted: 11.19.2014

Last weekend, on November 15th, the KAIS robotics club headed to ASIJ for our first major robotics competition of the year. Of our three teams, all made it to the elimination rounds and one went as far as the semi-finals!


Back from Okinawa

Posted: 10.01.2014

We had a great time in Okinawa! Despite the threatening typhoon, the trip went smoothly. Students were very receptive to the more serious and educational aspects and well behaved during the fun activities. Looking forward to another amazing adventure


KAIS Volleyball

Posted: 09.21.2014

The volleyball season is upon us! Our high school boys and girls will begin practicing soon, and games will begin in mid-September. The high school boys will be defending their ISTAA Championship from last year. Come and support the teams.